The eye should learn to listen before it looks

Robert Frank

The camera makes you forget you’re there

Annie Leibovitz

About Paul / O mnie

Who am I ? I am photographing since early 90’s. I am photographer, who shoots landscapes, architecture, portraits and different perspective of common places. I had my experience in portraits, reporter photography shooting concerts, weddings, baptisms and product photography as well. In my photography projects I shoot what I find attractive to me. I just try to stop the place, the moment. There must be something about it.

My first camera was fully automatic, analog compact Fujifilm. In 1996 I got my Father’s analog SLR – Zenith with 44mm lens (I use that lens –Helios- since now with my DSLR). I was fascinated about the possibilities that, in comparison to compact Fujifilm, gives me SLR. After few years I got Praktica SLR with 50mm lens. Because of Praktica I switched to B&W analog photography. In 2001 I found my Grand Father’s Medium Format Voigtlander Bessa. Of course I had to try it. I try to capture the “moment” even today with mentioned before Medium Format Voigtlander. It’s kind of magic to me.

In 2003 I got my first digital camera– also compact- this time Olympus with manual mode. In 2003 digital camera was a bit of investment, which forced me to choose compact instead of DSLR. Since 2004 I also started to borrow Nikon DSLR from my Brother.  After few years of shooting mostly with my digital compact cameras, sometimes Praktica SLR, even with mobile phones or my Brother’s Nikon DSLR I decided to purchase my own DSLR. Since few years from now, I am shooting with DSLR.

Since I got my first SLR I felt in love with Manual Mode. Nothing changed since now. I prefer adjusting everything for my own preferences to get the result as I want it, not my camera….  that’s kind of my private pursuit of perfection…

If you want to see my perspective, visit my galleries. Hope you enjoy it , as I do.

Wherever there is light, one can photograph

Alfred Stieglitz

You don’t take a photograph, you make it

Ansel Adams

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