Driving to Hvítserkur was quite difficult because of the gravel road for about 25 km from the main road. I mean paying attention to holes in the road. Hvítserkur is a 15 m high basalt rock in the northern Iceland. It has two holes at the base, which give it the appearance of a drinking dragon. I saw many pictures of the Hvítserkur rock but in reality it looked different to me, even better. From above there is a view-balcony where you can observe Hvítserkur from the distance but it is worth to get down on the beach to experience the size of it, to touch it physically. I was lucky because it was not covered in water so I was able to walk easily on the beach. Getting down from the hill was a bit of adventure because it is quite steep. Surprisingly nature gave me a gift while I was taking that photograph, a double rainbow … lucky me again. For this photograph I used the Tokina 11-20 mm f/2.8 wide angle lens to capture Hvítserkur and a double rainbow above it as well. Thanks to “Tokina Polska” and “NEXT77” who supplied me with this gear. This location impressed me much and I will remember it for sure. Please also notice that it was 9:00 P.M. while taking that picture. This photograph tells a short story how beautiful an unique was there. For higher resolution and more Color Digital photographs visit the gallery

Additionally I am attaching below setup preview of taking that photograph. “The making of” picture and video was taken with mobile phone.

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