On my way to Rauðasandur in Western Fjords driving sometimes literally through the clouds It appeared suddenly. I heard about this shipwreck but finally I have forgotten to put it on my photography trip map. By coincidence there it is Garðar BA 64 shipwreck from a different perspective with floating clouds on the fjords in the background. Garðar BA 64 is the oldest steel ship from Iceland. It was built in 1912 in Norway and used for fishing in the Icelandic waters. In 1981 the ship stranded at one of the fjords in the north-west of the country and is still at this place today. It was amazing experience to be there despite the roads in Western Fjords are not the most comfortable. However all the beautiful views and landscapes surrounding repay the very long road. Put it on your photography trip map, It is worth it. For higher resolution and more B&W Digital photographs visit the gallery

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