This photograph is the quintessence of chasing the Aurora Borealis starting from Norway and shooting in … Lapland. Chasing Northern Lights brought me spontaneously even to Finland. Weather conditions in Lapland were very tough as you can see on the backstage image in this post. I have noticed that Aurora Borealis is not a constant Nature Wonder and it can appear spontaneously and disappear very quickly. I was thinking many years of shooting Northern Lights and I trained my settings plenty times. As I left the car during my opportunity it was about maximum 1 minute to set the tripod, mount the camera on it and try to compose (when you don’t really see what’s in front of you) so the shot will be attractive. There was actually very limited time for thinking about the final results. Fortunately the foreground and background were amazing and adequate for the photograph with Aurora Borealis as the main object in the frame. It was about -10 of Celsius temperature and you can believe me that setting your gear is difficult in such conditions. I have even tried to shoot this picture with as less snow in the foreground as I could. I though it was just a roadside snowdrift. Fortunately I returned to my initial framing and noticed on the DSLR screen that the foreground is shaped to perfection in snow by the wind of Lapland. This shot was taken with the legendary and reliable Nikkor 17-55 mm f/2.8 even in such conditions. This was the best Birthday gift I could imagine during my Photography Trip to Norway. Picture was taken at 2.00 A.M. in Lapland, which means 2 hours after my Birthday. For higher resolution and more Night Time photographs visit the gallery

Additionally I am attaching below setup preview of taking that photograph. “The making of” picture was taken with mobile phone.

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