It was raining during the day I have taken this photograph. I really didn’t know sometimes whether it is still rain or water falling from a waterfall. Somehow the rain fits the landscape and gives more dark atmosphere to the picture. It is hard to tell after seeing only the photograph the vastness and sizes of the waterfall. Dettifoss is 45 m high and 100m wide. Waterfall is located in northern-east Iceland. This is also the place were “Prometheus” movie was filmed. It is surrounded by lunar landscape which fits perfectly to overall view. Surprisingly it is not so easy to get there cause of the gravel road but definitely worth driving.  This photograph was taken from a distance using wide 17 mm focal length to show more beauty of Dettifoss in the frame. I would love to come back there and simply enjoy the view. For higher resolution and more Color Digital photographs visit the gallery

Additionally I am attaching below backstage video of taking that photograph. “The making of” video was taken with mobile phone.

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