This location in Iceland from the beginning was my favourite place to see on my photography shooting list during the trip. As a historical background it is good to know that in 1973 U.S. Navy DC-3 aircraft crashed on the Sólheimasandur black beach in Iceland. It still remains on the beach as a symbol for tourists and photographers around the world. As I read for the first time about it I knew that some day I will go there and take a photograph of it. There are many legends online that tells us that it is extremely hard to find it or even impossible. It is not true. However I might tell you that it is a very long walk through the black beach to reach it. I would say it is about 1,5 hour regular walk one way. As everywhere in Iceland because there aren’t many points of reference you can’t estimate easily a distance. I was very surprised  despite the long distance it takes to get to the aircraft that on location (it was almost 10:30 P.M.) there were still 10 other people taking pictures, jumping on the plane, even making push-ups on it, mostly using 1 or even 2 drones to take their dream shots. My plan was to take a shot of the plane itself without anybody else in the background and respecting the wreck as a monument that it surely deserved it. So I waited almost 3 hours to take that shot. After everybody else left the location the only thing I could hear was the wind and the ocean. Despite it was around 1:30 A.M. it was almost as bright as during daytime. I used the Tokina 11-20 mm f/2.8 wide angle lens with HOYA PROND 1000 filter to “play with time” and pause the clouds. Thanks to “Tokina Polska” and “NEXT77” who supplied me with this gear. It was worth waiting so long and taking that shot, I am happy to share with you the result. The memories from this location are priceless to me. This shot is a part of my experience and memories. I hope you will love it as I do. For higher resolution and more Playing with time photographs visit the gallery

Additionally I am attaching below setup preview of taking that photograph. “The making of” picture and video was taken with mobile phone.

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