Beach in Rauðasandur is located in Western Fjords in Iceland. I have heard many stories that it is impossible to reach the location without having 4×4 vehicle. During summer it is possible with regular car and you don’t need a Hammer to get there for sure. Of course it is sometimes gravel road without any barriers and you have to drive safely not to fall of the road. Still you have to watch out for sheep entering the road all the time. Finally after driving over 320 km one way from my location I reached the beach which was on top of my photography list to see and take some pictures of it. It was worth driving so many kilometers. The first impression was surprisingly endless size of the beach. Rauðisandur beach stretches for ca 10 km from Látrabjarg bird-cliff in the west towards Skorarhlíðar mountain side in the east. It is memorable experience to be there and see the beach. You can hear just the wind and sometimes birds. This photograph was taken at 10.00 P.M. and it was still bright. Because of the size of the beach I used the Tokina 11-20 mm f/2.8 wide angle lens at 11 mm to stop more beauty of this location in this one particular picture. Thanks to “Tokina Polska” and “NEXT77” who supplied me with this gear. For higher resolution and more Color Digital photographs visit the gallery

Additionally I am attaching below setup preview of taking that photograph. “The making of” picture and video was taken with mobile phone.

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